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3000x2000 resolution desktop UI?


People at our company are interested in the Surface Book to replace our current laptops with 1366x768 screens.
We only use legacy desktop apps and some critical apps were designed more than 10 years ago and do not scale up based on the scaling settings in Windows 8.1.
It works fine on the 1366x768 laptop screens or at 1080p blown up on a 22 inch monitor, but I have concerns about how tiny these applications will be on a 3000x2000 resolution laptop-sized screen.
Does anyone know if the Surface Book will support alternate lower resolutions like the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 can so everyone doesn't need to go out and buy reading glasses just to see menu items and read text in old applications? We may want the screen resolution default set at something much lower such as around 1500x1000, but still look sharp and fill the screen,

We have tried changing the resolution on some other laptops and it just makes everything blurry in a smaller window that doesn't expand to fit the screen.


Windows 10 has greatly improved it's scaling options, also it would be hard for me to believe that it wouldn't have variable resolutions like previous generations. I installed the Intel HD graphics drivers on my Surface Pro 3 and it lets you set the resolution to whatever you want. Also if you were to get one of the Surface Book models with the dGPU in it there would probably even be more options in terms of resolution. I would first try running these apps on a windows ten build to see how the scaling goes.


Has anyone tried other lower resolutions yet?
Which ones work? Is there a 1500x1000 option available that's sharp and clear?