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Charger fault Surface Pro 2 - blue light flashing


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Ok - so I have a Surface Pro 2 still under warranty. The charger light flashes blue and it doesn't actually charge up the Surface, so I google the fault and it appears quite common and indicates Microsoft will replace it. So given it is under warranty and we have a Consumer Guarantees Act in New Zealand I take it back tot the Noel Leeming store I purchased it from. I needed the charger urgently as I had to make a presentation later that day. The shop would not initially replace it - they gave me an 0800 number to call so I called it while still in the store and got given the complete run around by a call centre in the Philippines who I could hardly understand and then got put onto another person then was transferred to someone in the USA - none of them could help me with my simple problem - ie "I have a faulty charger and I need it replaced". Then the line went dead 22 minutes into the call. The staff at the store then tried to get a resolution by calling a different number to no avail. Later I got emailed a support code with no other message or phone number. Finally after 50 minutes someone came from the back of the Noel Leeming store and gave me a replacement charger! What a complete and utter joke the service from Microsoft is - why can they not simply have a simple way of dealing with faults within New Zealand? Not good enough and am now having second thoughts about replacing 4 older laptops with Microsoft Surface Pro 3 as we cannot put up with such poor service. Anyone else had this same fault with the blue light flashing on the charger in New Zealand and how did you get on with Microsoft.


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Seems like your main issue was with Lemming and the whole problem was resolved in 50 minutes. How do you know MS didn't contact the store to your benefit.

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