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Surface Pro 2 Charge indicator


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I understand the charger's light stays on whenever it's connected. Mine wasn't so I kept re positioning it. Soon after, I discovered the connection points on the charger were burnt. I got a new charger, cleaned all contact points on the Surface with alcohol, and plugged in the new charger. The light came on. I looked at it about an hour later and the light was off again. Is this normal?
Sometimes the battery goes dead after very little use and I'm thinking it's related to the charge light issue.
Anyone have an answer? Thanks
I am having a similar problem. The light on the charger lights and then goes out after about 10-15 minutes. I do not think the Surface Pro 2 is charging when the light is off. I left it plugged in over night and the next morning it had no charge. Today I have been watching the light closely. It goes back on when I disconnect and reconnect the cord at the charger box.
No, definitely not normal.

My charger light is on all the time when it is connected. You already changed the charger, so the problem seems to be with the contact points on the Surface itself.

Though you might want to try exchanging the charger one more time, to me, the chances that you get two defective chargers in a row are extremely low; still, it is possible. So, if it is not a significant effort, I would try a third replacement charger. Then, if that also fails you can say that you have tried three and they all did the same thing.
The light on my charger goes out after device is charged 100% . I'm having no issues charging device, and haven't been disappointed with battery life.
I second Booch here, and I understand that this feature (light goes out when fully charged) is from a recent firmware or software update (which, contrary to many, had no negative impact on my Pro 2 system.
Mine used to stay on all the time. Over the Christmas break, I noticed it was off a couple of times when I woke up in the morning and it had charged all night. Today, I have it at work and while it says it's 100% and not charging, the light it still on.