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Clean Install W10 Release Version


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I've been using the beta since it first came out via the Insider program (Fast-Ring). I realize the free-upgrade stays in place if I keep my SP2 setup with Insider, however, I want to do a clean install of the release version regularly, not via Insider.

Using the Windows 10 factory-reset option, I've restored Windows 8.1, and with the command prompt: wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey was able to get my original product key.

What I'm wondering is if after doing a clean-install, will 'resetting to factory defaults' in the future reset to a W10 installation, or continue to restore Windows 8.1? Is there a way to make the restore partition W10? I thought the W10 upgrade for the Surface Pro's might be a bit more product specific being Microsoft hardware, and that partition would be part of it -- but it hasn't happened that way during the beta process.
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