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SPro 2 stuck on Surface screen after clean install

Handerson Lima

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Hello Guys,

I’m a newcomer in the Forum, and I have a problem that you guys can help me with.

I’m from Brazil and got a Surface Pro 2 512g from USA about 4 months ago. It came with Windows 8.1, and I upgraded to W10 with MS Upgrade Assistant. Kept using like this but noticed some minor issues like microfone/cortana not responding (yes, I updated the drivers), the task bar missing sometimes, problems when connect to a TV through HDMI and so on (graphics drivers updated too). For this reason I decided to make a clean install. Downloaded the MediaCreation Tool, backed up all my stuff and started the clean install. The procedures began, percentages started running, and when it restarted for the first time it got stuck on the Surface logo screen for over an hour. Installation won’t progress any further.

With about two hours of waiting I dumbly decided to shut it down. Yes, Now it never loads Windows and never leaves the Surface Logo screen. Tried to reach boot options through VolumeUp+power buttons, and disabled TPM and Secure Boot Control. Through this I can get to the Windows recovery options, but is got useless anyway because:

  • Restore this PC option: displays a message that “there was a problem restoring your PC” and nothing else than a Cancel Button.
  • Advanced options such as : System restore, System image recovery, Start repair, CMD Prompt or ever Rollback to a previous windows version… All of them present a Screen stating defaultuser0 and a field to insert the password for this user, obviously the password is unknown.

I’ve created and USB W10 drive to boot it and reinstall windows from scratch, but there is no option that allows me that. So, can anyone tell me if there is another way to make it alive again? I did not create a restore image before doing re install (rookie!!) but even if I did it, the option will ask me for a password anyway.

Anyone can tell me what should I do? What am I missing here? There MUST be a way to make it work again.

Thanks a lot folks.
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