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Cleaning the SP3 keyboard.


We had a rollover accident the other day and a cup of soda flew all over the car including my SP3 keyboard. Everything works, but the keys are super sticky. I have tried removing a few but they are extremely difficult to get on and off. Does anyone have any tips for cleaning the keyboard?
Is it just the keys that are sticky, as in to the touch, or is the actual movement sticky?

Something like ISO alcohol? Something that's going to evaporate off and not leave a residue that might potentially short something.

Best bet is to just take an old lego block or such, get it in the same sticky state, and see if repeat rinses with ISO would clean it off.

Disclaimer, i have no idea if this would work or if it will damage the keyboard, just throwing around an idea :) In my uneducated opinion it could work, but the big issue would be how the cloth material would fare. Although i guess it could hardly come out worse off than saturated in sugar.