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cloud picture service


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I am looking for the best way to share my pics across devices.
I have an IMAC and have all my pics on iPhoto.
I would like to upload them to a cloud service and be able to see them on my surface pro, on my panny TV, etcc...
I'm looking for a cloud based service where I can back up my photos to it as well as everything else.

any ideas?



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I use Skydrive to share photos across my RT, two Win8 desktops, my wife's RT, and her laptop. Best of all it's free unless you need a ton of room.


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Not sure if you use iPhoto and photostream, but here's my setup: I have a Mac mini server that holds my iPhoto library. I use a Nikon D5100 with an eye-fi card and automatically uploads all pictures when connected to my wifi network. So if I'm out shooting and I come back, I simply leave the camera on and it uploads everything automatically to my iPhoto library. I also use my iPhone to shoot stuff when out with the family, and that automatically goes to photostream. I have my iPhoto set to automatically upload all new pics to photostream. So as soon as they are uploaded by my Nikon they are put into my photostream which then appears in my phone.

With my surface, I downloaded the iCloud control panel, set photostream to automatically download pics to the my pictures directory on my surface pro. So, now if I shoot on my iPhone, my Nikon, or save attachments on the surface pro, it all goes to photostream and is all available.

And yes, the live tile plays what's in my pictures directory. It's all rather seamless, and works perfectly.


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I forgot about your other requirement, which is to show pics on your panny tv. My panny has Flickr on the Viera cast, but I also have an Apple TV, which you can actually do airplay mirroring from either a Mac, an iOS device, or even the surface pro as long as you have airparrot. So, I can show all my pics easily on the TV.


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I would suggest Flickr as one of the most platform-independent services right now.

I separate my photo sharing (with Flickr and Apple's photostream, some also with Google) and my cloud backups (with Crashplan) as the best service is really provided separately. Dropbox will do both, but it's not the best photo sharing service, and it's very expensive for cloud backup. Same with Skydrive; both of those work better for me as file sync services.