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Clouding and ghosting on dropped Pro 4


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I dropped my Surface Pro 4 and as a result it had a small crack in the corner of the screen. The crack was significant and as I was desperate to get it repaired I took it to the first repairer I could find to have the screen replaced with a new microsoft screen - knowing that I had a one year warranty on the screen.
3 days later the screen clouds and ghosts severely after it has been on for a while and is unusable without plugging into an external monitor.
I have called the repairer who says to power off, leave for 30 minutes and power on - and if the screen is ok for a while and decays after a while, it is a GPU problem and NOT a screen problem and therefore not covered by warranty. This sounds just too convenient and having paid a fortune to get the screen replaced, I am reluctant to part with anymore money. Of course, if I follow those instructions then the screen is ok for a while.
This feels like a problem with the replacement screen but does anybody else have any expertise/knowledge to share.