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Copy data from Surface Pro 4's SSD disk


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Hi, I have (corrected - "had") a Surface Pro 4, i7 CPU/16GB RAM/256SSD drive.

The battery was bloated so I took it to a 3rd party repair store to replace the battery. This is the 2nd time I've had to replace the battery.

The first time the battery was replaced, the repair store replaced it without any problems.

This time, the store replaced it but the repair tech said that the power hardware wasn't working and the battery wasn't recharging.

The Surface Pro 4 *was* working, even with a bloated battery, until I handed it in to the repair shop. I don't know if the tech damaged something or not.

I took it to another repair shop. They are more advanced so they diagnosed it and said that the motherboard is bad. They don't know how it broke. They just know it doesn't work. Therefore, the Surface Pro is bricked.

I have another Surface Pro 4 on the way (from EBay). But I want to get the data off the SSD drive from the bricked Surface Pro.

Does the SSD disk for the Surface Pro 4work with some external disk cage for SSDs so I can connect the SSD disk to my PC and copy over the data on it?

Anybody else try this?