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connect 2 surface pro 4 together?


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First of all, excuse my bad english.
I use my surfae pro 4 for University.
Unfortunately i had to send my surface to Microsoft (for repair reasons) bevor my last big examens. And because all my studies were on the Surface i had to either buy a new one or repeat a whole year. so i bought a new Surface. since the repair is done i have 2 Surface books now.
i would really like to connect both surfaces together, so that i can navigate with one keyboard on both screens and for example copy something from the left Screen and past it on a folder on the right screen. I know this is possible with Mac, because other students allready use things like that.
Can anybody help me, how to do this?
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I know Logitech flow can do this (Can actually connect 3 devices) but it requires a Logitech flow Mouse and Keyboard. Otherwise look into a Software KVM option.
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