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SP2 to Current SP i7, 16GB, 512GB


I got an SP2 years back, when it was still new. I used it for travel to do some light photo and video editing (Adobe apps) as well as emergency (haha) gaming with WoW and later Skyrim. It worked well enough, and it still works decently. Well, as the apps are getting more demanding, I needed something beefier to throw in the bag for trips.

Enter the latest Surface Pro. I got the i7, 16GB RAM with 512 GB Storage. I figured I might as well get the most RAM I could (I did the same with 8GB in the SP2) and get more power for longer. I am still running through the setup of all my apps and games and add-ons and everything else I absolutely HAVE TO HAVE!

I run an Alienware 17" behemoth for my main PC for gaming and editing and it is a workhorse, but I still need something on the go instead of lugging over 15# (laptop and power supply) with me.

I cant wait to get everything set up and ready to go. I have stuff installing in the background and am running through the settings item by item. Once set, will be creating a full backup.