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Compatibility keyboard and Pen Surface Pro 5 vs Surface Pro 7


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Does anyone know the keyboard and pen of microsoft surface pro 5 is compatible with surface pro 7?


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The "Surface Pen" which has a rubber eraser on one end, bundled with the Surface Pro 5th Generation is compatible with all of these devices:

Surface Book
Surface Book 2
Surface Studio 1st Gen
Surface Studio 2
Surface Laptop 1st Gen
Surface Laptop 2
Surface Go1
Surface Pro 3
Surface Pro 4
Surface Pro 5th Gen
Surface Pro 6
Surface Pro 7
Surface 3

Source: Buy Surface Pen - Microsoft Store


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Yes. Sorry about the confusion. That was a list of devices ALSO compatible with the Surface Pro 7 pen.

The Surface Pen is compatible with devices AFTER the SP2 for writing and button presses. Some features, like tilt, are only compatible with later devices.