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Surface Pro keyboard not available?


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I just ordered a Surface Pro 7 and was very disappointed that the keyboard which functions as a cover when closed is not available. The Microsoft Store website is very confusing. The Surface Pro Signature type cover is listed as out of stock in every color. When I searched Surface Pro Keyboard, an item came up - Surface Pro Keyboard type cover. While the Signature keyboard page has specifications which list every Surface the keyboard is compatible with, the page for the Surface Pro Keyboard type cover does not. It only says, "the Surface Pro Keyboard now works with Surface Pro 8 and Surface Pro X. I took this to mean that it works with all Surface Pro models INCLUDING 8 and X, but after wasting a huge amount of time on the internet it looks like it is ONLY compatible with 8 and X.

Why can't this be immediately made clear? Why do the keyboards have such generic names -" Surface Pro Signature type cover" vs "Surface Pro Keyboard type cover"? How on earth is that a meaningful distinction when you look at the two product names?

There is no information about when (if ever?) the signature keyboard will be back in stock. I can only assume that because I didn't spend more money and get an 8, nobody cares. I don't want a Bluetooth keyboard - I don't always have internet access. I don't want a little half size keyboard that doesn't cover the screen because the screen is too fragile and you can't have it replaced if it cracks. Why can't Microsoft sell a cover that doesn't include a keyboard like Apple does for the iPad?

I called the Microsoft Store customer service telephone number and the person who took my call said they could not help me with my order, could not tell me if the Surface Pro Keyboard type cover would work with a Pro 7, and could not tell me if or when the Signature keyboard cover would be back in stock.

When is the last time anyone purchased a Signature cover? Does anyone know when (or if) they will be available?


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You can buy them on Amazon from 3rd Party Resellers. But there does appear to be a parts shortage in the channel for legacy Pro typecovers.


I believe the very connector in the Surface Pro 8 has been changed to match Surface Pro X. I am pretty certain you cannot use the new type cover with a Surface Pro 7.

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