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Complaints with the Surface Pro

So with about 48 hours of use so far, here are the main complaints I have;

1.) Stylus Storage. With other tablets, a stylus wasn't really needed, but with the SP there are some operations that are nearly impossible without the stylus - at least with my big fingers. The magnetic coupling is so weak that the stylus falls off all the time. I end up hunting in my backpack for it.

2.) The hard plastic case makes the unit slide. I was using it on the train this morning and with the kickstand, it slide all over the place. Some sort of rubber coating on the bottom edge would really help.

That's about it. Amazing machine.


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Get yourself a rubber matted surface to place it on. It won't slide then! You can buy 'em at the dollar store.


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The touch cover is amazing because it is made of a nice comfortable material that grips very well when I place it on different surfaces. It's pretty genius and well thought out


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Another option is to put a screen cleaning / buffer cloth (Radtech or similar) Under the Pro when you set it up. This works really well for me and it reminds me to grab that cloth and put it back for use between the screen and the keyboard when transporting the unit.


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How are the stylus complaints 'unfounded?' It's a tablet designed to be used with a stylus. I can guarantee you people are going to have a hard time keeping track of that thing over the long term with no place to store it. Already I often find myself using the Surface and wanting the stylus, but it's been left in another room or at my desk. Dumb, dumb design.


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it was clearly an afterthought, bolting it onto the power spot. but better than giving up battery life to fit it inside IMHO.

I typically clip it t the power cord while I'm charging, then back onto the machine when not.

doesn't solve the it-comes-off-in-my-bag problem. alternatively you could clip it to the touch/type cover in the bag, I dothat sometimes and it's a pain but a small one