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Composite video to Surface connection?

David Welch

New Member

We use a camera snake for video inspections of piping. Unfortunately the screen that came with the unit is not the best nor is there any means to save video or screen shots. The camera itself ties into a small box that has a composite video out connection to the screen. Is there a way to get this feed into the Surface? I assume the mini HDMI on the Surface is an output so I'm likely looking for a composite to USB adapter? Am I going to have issues with this without drivers? Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.


David Welch

New Member
Like this?


I have a USB Borescope camera on a long cable. I just plug it into the USB port and it appears as a third camera on my Surface 3. I can view, or record, as I probe around in the motor.

I have a couple webcams but of course they're made for the USB connection and either have drivers built in or they're easy to get and install. I assume your Borescope is similar. I looked at the adapter you've linked to... I guess for 19 bucks it's not exactly a high risk purchase. I'll give it a whirl. Thanks for the post.