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Surface "died" while connecting to external monitor


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Hello! My Surface 3 is less than a week old. Yesterday, I got a mini-HDMI to VGA adapter and connected it to my TV to test it out. (I will be using my Surface with an LCD projector extensively at work).

I turned on the TV and pressed the power button. The Surface started to boot, and then - nothing! By pressing the power button again, I got a half screen of my lock page to complete the shutdown. Several repetitions later, I gave up.

Took it back to Staples, and the tech guy there was as puzzled as I was. We could connect to a monitor and see the same half lock screen, but it wouldn't boot. I had purchased the extra warranty, so was going to go home and contact them. We decided to get another opinion from a second tech guy. We pushed the power button, and it immediately started to boot. It now appears to be working fine. (I have turned it on and shut down several times.)

I hate problems being "solved" without knowing the root cause. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


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There are a lot of issues with deep sleep with the SP3 pro, it is getting bothersome. I like to press a button and know something is going to turn on, I shouldn't have to play games to make it work.

Happens so often now, not sure what to do about it.


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As with any Windows computer, press and hold the power switch for 10 seconds to force the system to reboot.


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And if that doesn't work, to force the reboot of a Connected Standby Machine, hold the volume rocker button down and press the Power Button, to do a Hard Reset Boot, Volume Rocker Up and Power Button...