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Computer's Not Talking to Each Other


Richard Jones

Some good news! Somehow I've managed to overcome the Read-Only problem. Don't ask me how, although I think it might have been through following the link Jeff gave me about sharing in Windows 7 and then playing around a bit from there. Happiness reigns in the household again and I can give some overdue time to some gardening which I've been neglecting over the past few days as I've been wrestling with this.

Thank you both so much for all your help. It really is very much appreciated. What a wonderful forum!


Every Best Wish,



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The External Hard Drive that plugs into the Router via a Network Cable (RJ-45). In the IT Space are referred to Network Attached Storage (NAS). I have a Wireless Router that also supports 2 USB Ports so in theory I can have additional hard drives plugged in there.