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Concerns and a Warning


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MS is Extending the Return Period During the Holidays

I have this problem sometimes, but it disapears with a shutdown/start or a reboot (this is not the same thing).

I'm giving my daughter a Surface Pro 2 256GB for Xmas and I was concerned about the 30 return period. Did it start when the item was ordered, when I received it or when it was given as a gift? I called MS and was told that during the Holidays the returned period has been extended to 1/31/2014.


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I have been loving my Surface 2 Pro while using it, but I have now had several instances of weird power issues. The battery charger connects perfectly, lights, and the unit shows charging, but the % stays at 0 and never charges. I reboot and same problem. I call tech support and they walk me through the same steps I already tried from the Microsoft support website- no change. They are sending me a new unit.

I began to doubt this purchase as it is only 1 month old and it was over $1200 (256/8). I just have a bad feeling that something this premium should not have basic charging issues and the lack of user access to the battery means this could be an ongoing challenge in the future. I called to return my tablet and was told by the STORE that I could return no problem but that since I had an open ticket in service they would have to transfer me there. I was on hold for over 90 minutes. Service then told me I could not return the unit because I purchased it over 30 days ago. I explained that I received it exactly 30 days ago and they said too bad- the policy is date of PURCHASE. So if you are having doubts, be careful.

I will escalate and see where I get.

I wanted to give everyone a final update on this. I have spent numerous hours on the phone with Microsoft Service and the Store, but all is resolved. Holiday season aside (they have now extended the return period as mentioned elsewhere in this thread) MS have a 15 day grace period they can use at their discretion. So even though the policy is a hard 30 days normally, if you get to the right tier of support they can and will help you. I cannot say anything bad about the policies of MS- they are generous and accommodating.