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Replacements of Surface Pro Tablets


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I'd like to get as much feedback as possible from owners that have sent in their surface pro's for new ones.
Can you tell me what Microsoft sent back to you and how was it packaged ? Also when you called Microsoft tech support for the exchange did they tell you just to send in the Surface and not the power adapter and stylis. Was the replacement a new in sealed box or refurbished unit which technically is Not new according to the law.

The reason why i'm asking is that I sent in my surface pro 128gb for a replacement and Microsoft tech told me that they didn't know if I was going to get a new unit. I told Microsoft that my unit wasn't even 20 days old and that a refurbished unit is not a new unit. The Microsoft tech support person also told me just to send in the surface pro in the box nothing else, to keep the charger and cable. Microsoft could not even tell me when I asked them , what determines them to send out a new or refurbished unit.
I have a feeling that they will hold on sending me back a unit until after my 30 day return option expires according to the return policy. Than I won't be able to take it to a MS store for exchange.
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Do you have a pocket store near you? They generally replace units with receipts and so some may have been willing to swap yours for you. I would have gone the Store Route. I think you should get a new one too. As for a refurbished unit, they may actually be better than some of the early 'new' units in that some, like mine, have some light that bleeds around the edges on a totally black screen due to the improper installation of the panel. I would think that only the better units would pass an inspection and therefore you might actually get a better unit. That being said, I would not want to wait for shipping and all that and would prefer to go to a store and swap the unit for a new-in-the-box replacement.

On FEB 9 I returned my RT device for a Pro without issue here in Raleigh NC at the Durham Streets of Fives Points mall Pocket Store. The lady was nice and fast to boot. She had the whole thing done and a new receipt printed in what seemed like no time.
My unit is already at Microsoft. I was not advised that I could take it to a MS store for a replacement than atleast I would of definitely got a new unit. The only problem may be that my receipt is from Staples online. Their return policy is only 14 days and that has passed now.
So if when I get my replacement from MS and its not New New than I will tell MS that I want a new one. Refurbished is not new according to law even if Microsoft tries to say it is. A refurbished unit has new and used parts in it.
So since MS tech told me to only send in the surface and mot the charger that tells me that their probably sending a replacement that is refurbished. I've contacted them several times and they can't give me a simple answer. Also I asked MS tech what constitutes MS from sending a new vs refurbished unit, again they could not answer me. I am so pissed off and wish I would of know that I could of taken it to a MS store for an exchange, but having my receipt from Staples may be a problem.