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Configuring Outlook 2013


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Hey guys,

I don't really know where to put this thread, so I'll just put this here. I'm currently using Outlook 2013 with a Microsoft account. I've got my calendar and mail on outlook.com and it does sync, but there are some problems.

Outlook Today
It syncs all categories and I can view them in the Outlook calendar, but Outlook Today only shows the main one. I do have different categories online (like lectures, exams and stuff), and I'd like to see them right when I open Outlook ('cause it opens "Outlook Today"). Is it possible to show multiple categories at once? I can't even select a category at "configure outlook today". Same also happens to Outlook tasks, I cannot have different task list and show them.

I also have different mail accounts at other providers (no microsoft-outlook-alias-thingy), which also work just fine. I can even select the Inbox from ALL mails and show them. However, they're just named "Inbox", so I now have 5 different Inboxes and I can't tell them apart on Outlook Today.

So, do any of you guys know how to properly configure this or maybe explain how you use Outlook 2013 + Outlook.com?


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One thing I did find is multiple calendars. For instance, I have one called "Calendar", which is for my Outlook.com account, then I have one called "Gonzalo's Calendar," which I think is for my Facebook account. Anyways, I kept entering new entries in the "Gonzalo's Calendar" and never saw them in my calendar app or windows phone....turns out I turned off the option to see "Gonzalo's Calendar." I wanted to keep everything in one place, so I had to move the entries to "Calendar."

Maybe that's the same issue for you, but I'm guessing here.
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