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Outlook 2013 and IMAP problem


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Been using Outlook 2013 with the IMAP version of my ISP (Comcast) with no problems for the past couple of months on my SP. 2 days ago, it started acting up. When I open Outlook it will not download email automatically. If I click on the small envelope icon at the top, it opens the "Outlook Send/Receive Progress" screen and the process starts, but then aborts (shuts with no error message). The first step seems to have been completed, but the second, the synchronizing of files, does not. If I go to the "Send/Receive" tab and click on "Send Receive All Folders" the same thing happens.

The only way I can get the download to occur is to click on the "Send/Receive" tab and then select "Update Folder". I have gone into the "Folder" tab and checked both "IMAP Folders" and "Update Folder List". This doesn't solve the problem.

If I compose an email. it send fine.

Any ideas?
Two things you can do-

1. Use another device to confirm that it is not your ISP server that has changed
2. Scan through the KBs of the recent Office 2013 updates, and see if anything Outlook related has been changed