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Outlook Connector contacts and too many People

Wayne Orwig

Active Member
Is anyone using the Outlook Connector with Outlook 2007?

TWO contacts issues:
1) On my laptop I have Outlook 2007 (and no, it can NOT be upgraded).
I have the Outlook Connector installed. So all of my devices are in sync for Outlook.com, as far as emails. Any change to an email on any device gets synced to the others. Perfect......almost.
For some reason, my CONTACTS are not syncing through the Outlook Connector to Outlook 2007. It is only syncing contacts that have NO category listed. Any contact with a category is getting filtered out. I would hate to have to strip categories off of all of my contacts. Does anyone else use the Outlook Connector?

2) Because of the first issue, I am using Google contacts as my main data source. Those are synced to my phone and Surface tablet. Somehow my tablet 'People' app has acquired a number of duplicates and such. The People database is a mess. I have tried to unlink all accounts, but that didn't clean them up. There appears to be a write only datastore in there. Does anyone know a good way to purge the contacts in the People app so I can relink it to Google only and have a clean list?