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Confused Between SP4 or SB, some questions.. (For a designer)

It's probably the embedded NSA screen grab driver err ahh, common screen driver library function they have propagated through all the builds. :) I have seen it come and go on Surface 3 (came back with the December Update after a two month hiatus) and my old Win 7 laptop gets a single igfx failure after bootup every time.

In the end I would guess they have too broad a set of parameters to accommodate across the range of devices with a single driver build. Although I think part of it with SP4s is Skylake GPU timing variances and will likely require a Firmware tweak to control it.
Oh also I had an other problem, or question. In my Surface Pro 2, When I use the Sketcbook Pro 8 (it was the same for Sketchbook 7), I guess that it isn't dpi aware, so I see the icons..etc in a good size but very fuzzy, included my drawing. When I disable the compatibility option of the dpi scaling, I see everything very sharp, but the icons too small (it makes it a bit hard to scroll the layer window with it's minuscule scroll bar.)

I actually had the same problem with my 15'' Macbook Pro Retina with Windows 8 which at the end I got used to.. do you know any other solution for my problem with Surface Pro 2? Will it be the same with the Surface Pro 4 or are there any extra goodies that comes with it's firmware that fixes this?

Actually I find the high-dpi screen problems in (nearly) 2016 a bit sad since we have high dpi screens in our life since a couple of years, and some of the big software makers like Autodesk still don't make dpi aware softwares...

Thank you in advance!
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Hello Everyone! Here's a little update.

Ipad Pro:

I still didn't buy anything with all the confusions. The other day I went to the Apple Store to try the Ipad Pro and the Apple Pencil. I was actualy surprised and pleased with the drawing experience (even tho I didn't have the chance to try procreate app.). And the extra screen size was very very good! Actualy I was gonna listen to the ''devil'' (no offence, just kidding) and I was going to buy the 128 GB 4G version and the apple pencil.


- It just works.
- Battery Life.
- Portability.
- Love the minimal UI of the drawing apps which leaves me so much of empty space on my screen to draw.

- Limit of Softwares.
- Limit of Layer numbers and brush sizes.
- Putting Stuff in and out of ipad softwares. (I have several ipads and had iphones in the future and i don't like the file management type.)

But still, for the drawing experience I was ready to accept the cons and buy it. Then I found a shop in Turkey who sells Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. (Not an authorized reseller). I decided to go and check the Surfaces again. I checked both the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book.

Back to the Surfaces:

I FELL IN LOVE again with the Surface devices! :D Even tho I prefer the design ( colorful type covers :D ) and the form factor of the SP4, I FELL IN SERIOUS LOVE with the extra real estate that i get with the screen of Surface Book. When they are next to each other it is even more visible the difference and I definitely want the bigger brother. I also tested the pen.

My thoughts about the pen:

I think that I had one of the HB or 2B tips on the pen because it had a grey tip on the nib. Yes it definitely feels more resistant on the screen but it doesn't feel very pen on paper like so i guess that I would prefer HB if it was 2B or H if it was HB, but still need to experience and find the best compromise. Putting a matte screen protector is also an option to get a more Wacom like feel but i fear that may increased the parallax and reduce the pen sensitivity so I am not really sure about it. BUT it isn't a big deal I still loved the feel.

I loved the responsiveness of the pen and the decreased paralax made it lovelier to use than the pen of my SP2. I could feel the light pressure registering issue, since I love to draw lightly, but I don't feel like I can not adjust to it.

Unfortunately I could test it only on Freshpaint which isn't the best software to test the pen, but still, it was still doing good. Actually the saleslady kept coming and complimenting the cars that I had finished drawing on both SP4 and SB so I don't think that the performance was that bad. :D

Strangely SP4 felt like it was picking up my light pressure strokes more than the SB, but the issue could be that I was using the SB in clipboard mode folded on the base and the SP4 was upright standing with a type cover, so on SP4 I was using the pen with a more right angle, because I assume that they are exactly the same screen type and technology so the pressure sensitivity should be equal.

The extra dedicated GPu may be helpful in case I want to make some 3d modelling in Alias Studio, also the bigger screen is helpful when I am modelling on the go! :)

I guess that I gave my decision but I would still welcome your comments:

Even tho I love how lightweight is the SP4, I guess that I decided to buy the SB 16 gb 256 or 512 gb ssd version because I really really found it lovely to draw on a bigger screen (especially after the small screen of my SP2 :) ). I guess that I can still take only the clipboard with me with an external power bank or even with a base, because it isn't that much heavier than my Macbook Pro 15'' retina. Still small enough to fit into a messenger bag unlike my 15 inch macbook.

One issue I found with the SB is the wobbling of the screen. I thought that people were exagerating when I was reading or watching the reviews, and since now I got used to touch scrolling/pressing my screen with the SP2, I wanted to try it with the SB, and yeah it is wobbling. If they made an aftermarket kickstand case for the clipboard part of the SB, it would be amazing. but in the meantime I guess that I can still use it againsr a big object that will stop wobbling, so not a big deal, just a small critic.


- Have you ever heard any case of this type for SB?
- Having a dedicated GPU means that it will less likely power throttle? (I have no idea about this.)
- The bluetooth receiver is on the clipboard of the SB or the keyboard base? I mean in case I want to use a bluetooth keyboard or a number pad with the clipboard, can I use it?
- Is it true that the parralax increases when you hold the pen a bit tilted? ( I didn't think about testing it, I've read it somewhere now on internet. ) IF yes, is it a dramatic increase? (I know that it is a subjective thing but I would still want to hear your thoughts since I never hold the pen at a 90 degree angle, neither super tilted.)
- How long would it take to recharge only the Clipboard part with the normal charger or a portable battery bank? Any ideas in case I want to go out drawing just with the clipboard and the battery pack or the adapter? (I guess that they are called like this?)

Now since I gave the decision 95%, I just need to wait 2-3 weeks till i go to Italy to order the SB there because even tho I found it in Turkey, it isnt an Authorized Reseller so I don't know if there would be a problem with the Warranty, and a SB 16 gb with 512 gb ssd is around 3500 USD in that shop, which is a big price difference. Knowing that I am not a patient person, the wait will be long but I can't wait to order one! (I hope that I wont change my decision again since I have a lot of difficulty to make decisions about such things. :D)

I am glad to be back to the Surface world, even tho I agree that Ipad Pro is a great product, but the limitations are still a bit too much for me.

God...I always type very long messages, I am sorry :D

Well it sounds like you've done a thorough test of all systems. Go with your gut feeling is what I'd say, the one you love the most.

Freshpaint is a great app, I love drawing on it but it is most definitely not the best to test pen sensitivity, I find it doesn't register many levels of sensitivity at all, it's still my favourite program for doodling on though, I love the feel of the oil-paints, very "messy" and realistic!
Thank you Moonsurface!

Tho after I typed the message wanted to check aain the prices in Italy and guess what? There were no sections of Surface Book in the Italian Microsoft Page. Just read that since yesterday in Europe, in some of the countries, they are on preorder with shipping date of 18 February, and Italy is not one of them. :(:(:( Seriously I was so convinced that they were already selling them there since they started the SP4 since 2 months more or less...

I was even ready to pay the premium and buy the one in Turkey but they only have the 8 gig version, 16 gig one is sold out... guess the wait continues...
Finaly today went and bought the Surface Book! :) Posted my initial impressions on the Surface Book board. I was impatiant and didnt want to wait 1 or 2 more months, so bought what they had, i7, 8gb, 256 gb. I will just need to learn to be less greedy with my ram I guess! :D Tho the computer is so far so good! (touch wood :) ) I love it! I actualy even prefer the look of the SB to my Macbook Pro Retina. :)

Thank you very much! I will post when I have some decent stuff, I mostly make sketchy stuff, I love that! :)