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My SP4 Hello World post....

Spartan X

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After months of looking/comparing I've decided the SP4 is the one for me.
I was going back and forth between the SB and the SP4, at the end of the day my wallet won. With the added 2yr warranty the SB was coming out nearly $600 more for the same specs, just an extra inch of drawing space.

In addition, with or without the keyboard I have the full power and battery life of the PC in my hands. Now it's time to get creating and fully enjoying the experience.
In My Humble Opinion after owning both, you made the right choice. I am sure the SB will get it's act together, but my SP4 is 90% (and to be fair, if I did not have such a train wreck with the SB, I probably would say 100%)

Agree on the trade off for the screen size. I went from a SP3 to the SB as I use it to hand write in meetings and the extra space was a desire. The smaller battery on the screen alone, AND no ports without the keyboard got in my way.

SP4 is an amazing little machine.