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Connect Surface Pro to the iTunes Store


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Every time I try to sign in with my Surface Pro, I get rejected by the store saying that "the iTunes Store is temporarily unavailable." I ran the diagnostics and it seems like I'm being blocked by Windows Firewall. But, even when I turn off the firewall completely I'm still blocked. Any ideas? Trying to go against the Apple grain here and it's not working out for me.


I have a Surface Pro and my friend has one too. We both connect to iTunes Store, Apple Store, and I can sync either of my iPhones to my SP.

Something else is going on if you can't get into the iTunes Store. First try another computer to make sure the iTunes Store is up. It does go down on rare occasions. I have never had a problem connecting to anything in the seven months I have had the device. It is a normal Win 8 computer for me.