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iTunes HD Video Stutter on New Surface Pro?


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I have had my Surface for a couple weeks. I have maybe five apps installed and maybe two other programs, that is it. One is the most recent version of iTunes 64-bit downloaded directly from apple.com.

When I go to watch TV shows downloaded to the hard drive from the iTunes store (not streaming), I get a stutter. It starts fine, then after a minute the audio gets more and more out of sync with the video, then after a few minutes the video itself starts to jump frames.

I know the tablet is powerful enough, but I can't figure out why with stock software (iTunes right from Apple) and other minimal applications running that the video won't play correctly.

Anyone else experience this? Thoughts?


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It would be my guess that the problem is windows 8. Have you searched the internet?
Here is one I found.
I just bought an HD movie on iTunes, and much to my chagrin, I wasn’t able to watch it. The video was OK, but the audio was out of sync, and constantly stuttering.

Here’s the solution:
1.Control Panel -> Sound
2.Right click the speakers you’re using, hit “properties”.
3.Click the “advanced” tab.
4.Choose “24-bit 44100Hz”

Mine was set to 19200Hz, and that was the problem!
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Unfortunately, I did search and stumbled upon that same solution. Switched mine to 24-bit 44100Hz, and still have the issue. :(