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Constant ticking/clicking noises


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I wonder if this routes back to a problem these machines have been having for a long time!

I made this thread over on Windows Central about my problems on SP5:

Noisy processor! - Windows Central Forums

Which also links to someone else having similar issues on SP4:

Fan noise and Clicking/Buzzing Noise on Surface Pro 4 in Windows 10 | Microsoft Surface tablet

In fact, when I went back to really listen hard to my SP1, I could just about hear it there too (although to be honest, it was overpowered by the fans)

I hope it's not really, because I'd love to think that Microsoft had finally fixed these issues!


You scared me OP before I put SP6 order. I found my SP6 is vet quiet . But I found the battery drains so fast, maybe it’s new, I open many apps in the background.

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