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Convince me to keep my SP3


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I love my surface pro 3. I really do. It looks beautiful, the screen and resolution are amazing, it is light weight, portable, small, but still good enough to be productive. It is the perfect student computer.

But ever since I browsed these forums, paranoia has struck me. People that owned previous generations of the surface products constantly complain about the screen separating from the bezel, and many state that they have replaced their units up to three times, and every time it occurs. This proves to me that this issue is not a small one. Unfortunately, people that own the SP3 are starting to state they are experiencing the same issues.

I have already system restored my surface pro 3 and requested a shipping label from microsoft. I have everything packaged up and ready to go, and I must ship out the SP3 within 30 days before the label will expire. Can anyone here offer some comforting advice as to why I should not fear that my surface pro 3 is going to succumb to the screen and bezel separation? Has anyone here owned previous generations for a lengthy amount of time and still has the product 100% intact physically? Issues like poor wi-fi don't scare me, as microsoft can simply update the system and resolve the issue. Physical defects are what scare me.

I spoke to my older brother about the matter, and he used to work at Bestbuy. He told me people from all sorts of product lines (rMBP, MBA, Asus, etc) would constantly return products for VARIOUS reasons, and even the "mighty" MBPs have screen separation issues, so he told me that regardless of which product I decide to buy instead, I would be faced with the same situations.


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Can anyone here offer some comforting advice as to why I should not fear that my surface pro 3 is going to succumb to the screen and bezel separation?

Sorry, but no one here can comfort you that this issue won't happen to you. As with anything in life, anything can happen at any time.

I have seen a few people mention that screen problems that you are talking about, but I honestly think that in your mind, you may be making a bigger deal about it than it really is. Compared to the other "hot off the assembly line" issues that other folks, including myself, are having, the screen problem definitely seems to be in the small minority.

You stated a lot of reasons why you really liked your SP3, why rob yourself of enjoying this great machine, based only on fears of what "might" happen? Keep it and enjoy it! Don't forget you've got a 1-year warranty on it (unless you purchased the very reasonably priced Complete), so even if you DID start to develop issues, then your warranty will take care of you.

That's my advice, hope it helps! :cool:
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I think one guy (maybe two) on this forum posted something about a screen/bezel separation issue. Calm down and get a grip, you make is sound like 90% of SP3 owners have had this issue.

Buy the extended warranty and then you have nothing to worry about for 2 years.


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I think you covered it pretty well. There isn't a product out there where every item is perfect. It doesn't matter who the manufacturer is.

You are in a way over thinking the problem(s). You are on the forum, and the vast majority of people who are here, (not all) are here to learn something or because they have a problem. You don't see the people who are not having problems or feel they don't need to do any more than what they are doing.

There are frequently 10 times the number of people lurking to learn than actually post. So you are only seeing a fraction of the users.


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Don't give into all that talk around here. This is a forum so of course mostly people with issues going to post because they want a solution. there are likely way more that have units that work fine.

If yours work fine, and you like it, then keep it. Don't let paranoia get you.

Btw, I have an original surface pro 1 still. Works great and screen has no separating issues. My device still brand new looking. I have a screen protector and a case for it.

Good luck deciding. I say keep it.


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Guys I think I have been convinced to keep it.

How can I check what firmware version I have? I want to make sure after the system restore it is up to date.


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Look in firmware section. Then another smaller list of things will show. Its in one of those.

Try right-click long on each one. Then look in properties.


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I am probably one of those people you read about having a screen/bezel separation issue. And as you might have read even I was on the fence about returning mine even though it CLEARLY has an issue. The people you see posting on here are the minority of those that are obsessive about their technology or actually have a legitimate technical issue. Anyone else I show my SP3 to doesn't even notice anything is wrong with it. The vast majority of Sp3's will probably never have any issues. Why return a perfectly good SP3?! Be happy that there is nothing wrong with yours and enjoy it!


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There are frequently 10 times the number of people lurking to learn than actually post. So you are only seeing a fraction of the users.
In addition, people who are having problems are more likely to post than those who don't, further skewing the overall impression.

Lastly, I also notice a few people who complain about even minor defects and demanding return because they want a "perfect" product. There are very few things that are perfect.

IMHO, bugs or not, at this point in time one simply won't find an overall better tablet in that market segment.


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Its just a mis representation. When I bought my nexus 10 just after release, xda was inundated with threads about this and that and everyone and their mother returning it for a replacement, so naturally I got paranoid. Not an issue with my unit. Same happened with the nexus 7 fhd. And naturally the worst case issue becomes the most shared and talked about, even if it is just one instance, but alas it just works to raise our paranoia instead.