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Cortana is getting better :)

Arizona Willie

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I have had considerable trouble getting Cortana to work right.

Some of it I traced down to some audio apps installed by my Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 video card.

Why a video card installs audio apps is a puzzle.

Once I disabled them, things got better.

And, of course, with the latest build, things got even better.

But, Cortana has been mostly silent.

She would respond to me and type out the weather or a joke but she almost never speaks.
But, mysteriously, every once in awhile she does.

Since Cortana is female I'm not sure if wanting her to speak more is a good idea or not :)

This morning I got a surprise.

I had booted into W8.1 and did some actual real life stuff then switched into W10.

I had FireFox open and decided to go make some iced tea.

When I walked back into the computer room I said " Hey Cortana " " Remind me to make a glass of iced teas " and I damn near fell out of my chair when she responded and asked me what time I wanted her to remind me and I said " 11 o'clock " and she said ' ok, I will remind you to make a glass of iced tea at 11 o'clock '.

I was stunned!!

She actually worked and did exactly what she should.

That is really neat when Cortana responds and performs actions like she is supposed to.

It's almost like talking to the computers on Star Trek or Star Wars.

I hope she continues to perform. So far it has been hit or miss. Sometimes she does and mostly she hasn't but she seems to be gradually getting better.

Wish we could change her name though.

" Hey Bitch " :)