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Cortana use


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I really do not understand the need for either cotana or siri..seems quite ueless...
Some do, some don't.

Some people don't like using a mouse. Or a keyboard. Or the Internet. Or a computer.

Fortunately, Cortana and Siri don't mind if you are not on speaking terms. :)


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I find Cortana the fastest way to set reminders and calendar appointments on my phone (not so much on PC). I can press the search button to start Cortana and just say "remind me to do "blah" at 7pm" and she puts it straight in. No finding the calendar, opening the day/time then typing in a box, it's VERY quick. Also I like it for location based reminders too, eg remind me to get bread when I'm in ASDA (UK supermarket), it works very well, again on the phone, less useful on the PC or Surface then. Also "set alarm for 6pm" is a lot quicker than finding the alarm app, setting the time etc.

ON the computer or surface I don't really use voice search at all, but I do occasionally open the Cortana app to see the relevant things she's showing me that I might be interested in.


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Speakerphone voice mail all over again.

Manager using speakerphone for voice mails ...
Employee: hey can to take that off speakerphone please
Manager: I'm a manger and I can do what I want
Employee: I guess you don't mind your customers hearing all your voice mails then.
Manager picks up phone and never uses speakerphone again...

Hey Cortana, can you make an appointment at the clinic for me... I might have an STD.
Sure making appointment at clinic for STD test. Would you like me to remind you to practice safe sex at the Motel 6 this afternoon?



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that's funny, I remember when Bluetooth first came out and I'm talking on the phone with my GF (on BT) and these 2 old couple walk by and literally keep looking at me and then pass me and still looking at me like I was some sort of escape mental patient LMAO isn't technology GREAT!! only time I ever felt awkward... nowadays crazy people can walk around talking to imaginary people and we wouldn't know the difference LOL sad isn't it?