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Cortana Virtual Assistant Confirmed for US Windows Phone in 2014; EU and Asia Later


Editor in Chief

Here's a follow-up to our previous piece regarding Microsoft's development of a Google Now/Siri-like virtual assistant called Cortana. Supposedly, sources have confirmed that Microsoft is developing Cortana and that she will make her debut first on U.S. Windows Phones in early 2014, and will come to Europe and Asia a bit later.


It looks like Microsoft is finally leveraging their considerable expertise in voice-recognition to start getting competitive again. With Steve Ballmer leaving Microsoft, perhaps the era of being stuck in just their core Enterprise strategy will finally come to an end, ushering in a new focus on cutting edge innovation and creativity again.

If Microsoft had been running their software division as aggressively as they have their Xbox division over the past few years, then maybe the entire mobile landscape would have looked a bit different. What do you guys think? Is Microsoft on the rise again, or is it too early to tell?

Source: PhoneArena