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Microsoft Debuts and Demos Cortana Digital Assistant for Windows Phone 8.1


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During its Build 2014 keynote, Microsoft just debuted their Cortana Digital Assistant software app along with Windows Phone 8.1. The new Microsoft created competitor to Siri and Google Now includes a host if interesting features and is primarily geared toward Windows Phone 8.1 for now. Here are just a few features demonstrated,

  • The on-screen blue circle spins and audibly responds to audio questions
  • This includes requests for internet searches and checking your calendar
  • When asking Cortana to make a phone call, she automatically opens Skype
  • You can also check a friend's Facebook feed with a simple question
  • Cortana's functions are further accessible by typing in a question
  • Cortana completely replaces the BING search function in Windows Phone, including local content searches
Beyond just Cortana, there are a number of other sweet improvements to Windows Phone 8.1. Here's a breakdown of those,

  • A new pull-down Action Center that can be accessed from anywhere in the user interface
  • Enhanced Calendar options - added a week view
  • Improved Wi-Fi features - Windows Phone can now automatically join public networks if you allow it
  • Wider range of hardware partners
  • Windows Phone keyboard is improved
It looks like Microsoft is making strides into truly perfecting their mobile software. Maybe in a year or two, Microsoft can really start competing hardcore with Google and Apple.

Source: IGN


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It's not all about features. All they need is simpler names, simpler os's and simpler looks. thats how apple did it. thats how sony does it.
Here's the product, here's what it can do.


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Sorry I don't want what apple did, its to dumbed down and controlled and find the RT too closed as it is now...