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Microsoft Talks Up Cortana Details; Says She will be 'absorbing the entire Internet'


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Supposedly, a Microsoft insider recently dished out more details on their Cortana AI digital assistant. The voice-activated PA will show up as a blue circular icon in the new Windows Phone 8.1 edition. Additionally, Microsoft plans to imbue it with personality traits. For example, while processing requests Cortana will "humbly" display the message, "I'm absorbing the entire internet. Won't take long..."

If you give it permission, Cortana will be able to scour your messages to share flight details or set notifications on its own. Similar to Google Now, it will supposedly be able to collect calendar reminders, behavior patterns, location data and contact information in something Microsoft calls a Notebook and then dynamically alert you. You will also be able to rename it if you want, and/or Cortana can refer to you by any nickname you choose, adding a more personal touch. Finally, the word is that Cortana will completely replace Bing Search.

Microsoft will be unveiling the first iteration of Cortana sometime next month. Here at HQ, we are anxious to see how well Microsoft implements all of these grand ideas. It's possible Cortana might just blow Siri away, and actually give Google Now a run for its money.

Source: TheVerge
That's clever. Definitely beats the old dog or the paperclip :).
Here's hoping some more capable devices such as the surface pro could show an actual, Cortana like figure talking to you.