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Counter Strike 1.6 - Poor Performace?


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I have played Counter Strike 1.6 (considered an old game) in Surface Pro and im not getting good FPS.
I play with Steam, and when i encounter with many players my FPS goes down. (around 30fps) it stay with poor performace.

I'm not sure whether I installed the driver from the video card correctly or the game does not run well on SurfacePro. because I read people saying that games run heavier too.

Someone plays/played and can share with you are the same performance?

Thank you
Just adjust the resolution and/or graphics setting. If you want higher fps, lower it. I've seen this game and alot other newer ones more graphically detailed and they play fine on the pro.
How the heck did you get it to run? It ran on my old SP, but with the replacement and newest updates, it wouldn't run. Kept on force closing on me. Tried changing res and all that. The only thing I can't change is OpenGL, it keeps forcing to D3D. I forced it to open in GL but still forces back to D3D. When it worked for me though, it ran over 100 fps. Set fps_max to 101. Try creating a game to see what your normal fps is, then throw a couple smokes to compare. Make sure you're inside or close and facing it. It shouldn't drop below 60fps. If that is good then connect to a server and check your rates to make sure it's not bottle necking.
How you manage that? Source only runs at around 40 on mine with max settings. I figure GO would run even less than that. Are you running on lower settings?
It's pretty playable but nothing to write home about, really. I think this game just isn't meant to be played in Surface Pro