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Doesn't look too bad. I don't own Blacklist, but I have Conviction. Hard to tell how stable/smooth it is. Guessing high 20s / low 30s, lower in the cutscenes. I'd guess lower but he seems to be managing the gameplay alright. I think I'll give Conviction a try. The Deniable Ops mode is a favorite of mine.


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I'm not to obsessive, not saying you are, about fps. If it runs smoothly enough for me to play without slowdown or impeding my gameplay experience, I'm good.

Ive never used that fraps program or whatever to see how many fps I pull during gameplay. Now I can tell if its running slow. If it is, ill just make adjustments in settings to speed things up.

Of course with a good action game or first person, I want it to run the best.


Great thread, glad to see one like it. Just installing steam on mine now so should have some impressions from my 256/8gb soon!


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Well I just purchased Dishonored from steam to run on my Pro1. Can't wait to play it as I've heard so much about this game. Ive already seen videos of it running on pro1. I want Duex Ex Machine human evolution directors cut but the 17gb file size turns me off..lol I'm already limited on space as it is. Dishonored is only about 7gb..haha

Looking forward to seeing more gaming reviews and videos on pro2. Lets see what this tablet is truly capable of.


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Here's my 2 hour old sp2 8gb 256gb model playing tf2 at 1080p


Unfortunately I've been to busy with work to do any real playing or recording videos if games

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Think the 8gb can play BF4 multi in low settings / resolution?