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CPU speed always at max since


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Hello everyone. My SP4 IS ALWAYS in turbo mode even when there is nothing running. It causes my device to heat up and it also causes battery drain. I had just reformatted it 2 days ago and yesterday I got the update to anniversary update and now my device is always at 2.92 ghz. Is there any way to snoop out what is keeping the speed revved up? When I go into task manager the CPU usage is at 4-8% or even less when nothing is running. But the darn CPU won't slow down!

Thanks in advance guys. I really appreciate it


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Same here, i7 @ 2.19ghz (without charger connected) / 3.27Ghz with charger, at all times.

Verified that HyperV features were not installed after AU installation.


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Thread in sp4 forum, reddit, ms forums and various other places now. Also in feedback hub, posted there as well.