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Processor Min/Max Settings


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OK, please bare with me as I'm new on here and not used a windows PC for some time (I went to Mac OS X, iPads and iPhones) but have now seen the light! I'm loving the Surface Pro 2 but I have a question with regards to the processor and how it behaves.

I have it as standard with the power plugged in to use min 5% processor power / max 100%.

I play Minecraft a lot and noticed I was getting poor FPS 30FPS whilst playing it, I opened up task manager and noticed the CPU usage was at about 1ghz.

Subsequently I changed the min processor state to 100% / max 100% and the CPU indicated in task manager 2.4ghz. I ran Minecraft again and it ran perfectly and noticeably faster at a steady 60fps on high settings.

So my questions:

1. Why does the CPU not speed up to 2.4ghz normally if the program is obviously demanding and getting poor FPS, especially as I set it to max 100%, does the software have to specifically request the turbo boost or is it automatic.

2. Does it do any harm (apart from getting hot) ;eaving it at 100%?

Can someone with a lot more knowledge please explain this or even how the min/max processor states work as well as how the turbo boost works.

I appreciate all your advice,

Many thanks.


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I would leave it at the default (5% MIN/100% MAX), and instead set your power profile to High Performance. Whenever I've done that, it's always set my CPU to over 2ghz (it also sets your Intel GPU to high performance) when I'm plugged in.