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CPU temp monitor


Anyone have any suggestions for a good CPU temp monitor program. One that will start when windows boots and sit in the systray? I downloaded coretemp and realtemp but wonder if you guys had any better options.

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Not really all that necessary. Your SP will get to about 80C or so before the fans kick in hard and cool you back down. Intel CPU's can safely run much hotter than that although holding it without a case can be uncomfortable.


Hwmonitor is nice, but you could also use Intel extreme cpu utility. Even though its for Extreme "Xm" cpus it will still work as a graph for none xm cpus.
Speedfan is another

I love Intels cause I can overclock and monitor, 2nd is speccy which is another temp/info program.

Intel Extreme cpu utility, https://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?keyword=""extreme+tuning+utility""

Speccy, Speccy - System Information - Free Download

Speedfan, 2nd paragraph down highlighted. Download SpeedFan - Access temperature sensor in your computer
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