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Cursor disappears


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Cursor sometimes is invisible when the unit wakes from a sleep. I notice this only when it got the type cover attached, or more commonly, when I have it connected thru a Plugable USB3 docking station where I have a keyboard, mouse and hdmi monitor.

When I move the mouse, I can tell it's working because things are highlighted etc. I have it set so when I press Ctrl, it shows where the cursor is (should be). I have tried all kind of settings and made sure things were turned on or off for other similar issues I have found searching around. ...But not luck yet.

At 1st, I'd fumble around to shut apps and desktop programs and then restart. That works, but obviously not a fix.

So here's something interesting. Let's say I have Outlook 2013 open on my ext monitor and OneNote (desktop version) open on the Surface Pro. I find my way to OneNote click or touch and then type something and the cursor comes right back. Every time!

That's gotta be a clue for you experts out there! Any ideas?



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I've noticed the same thing. Happens randomly with type keyboard and trackpad. It'll just disappear for a moment. I usually have to touch the screen or bring up charm menu to come back. Kinda annoying as it happens at times when I need the cursor..lol


Same problem too. Sometimes I spend a while trying to get the cursor back, and sometimes I never get it back.

And sometimes the charm menu doesn't come back, so I have to press the power button, then press it again after it goes black, and restart the computer.

Sloppy work at MS.

Martin Joyce

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... and here we are in January 2015, Surface Pro 3, Windows 8.1: same problem.... Wake up Microsoft - these "niggles" are a killer for your sales.