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Is there a quick way to blank the screen???


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Many good thoughts here. Yes the Intel chip is power hungry.... can't wait until late spring when they are suppose to have a new chip out that is suppose to be less power hungry.... we'll see how computer manufactures implement it and then how well it actually works.

I think the program idea is what is needed and that is really what I had hoped was out there already.

I thought maybe you already had one in mind. If not you might want to look at this though there are actually plenty of options if you bing or google.

Hide programs from taskbar, screen and tray with Hide Window Plus

Run the screensaver with a keyboard shortcut
Turn off the display with a keyboard shortcut


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I press my power button and the computer sleeps.... unless its functionality can be changed.

My Surface RT is set to Sleep when I press the power button.

That's where using the current Intel chip is a disadvantage on the Surface Pro, and why some people feel it's not a tablet.
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