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Cursor stuck for 1-2 sec. after scrolling on touch cover


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When scrolling on my touchcover, mouse cursor gets stuck for 1-2 seconds after ended scrolling, it is absolutely annoying, i have looked and looked. even took the time to go to a store and try out another pro with a touch cover....... same thing.

does anyone know how to fix this. It is pissing me off and stealing valueable time from me when working and typing.


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It is an intentional action put in place by Microsoft to prevent unwanted scrolling when you want to move the cursor and vice versa. As far as I know, there is no 'fix' as it is not a problem.


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Great! So essentially they're pulling a Google on me by assuming im a complete idiot and now it results in me not being able to work the tempo I want with a touch cover. Which is funny, cuz I bought the touch cover, because the type cover scrolling sucked. Sooo.... soo much for productivity and spending money on good things. :(

Does anyone know if the type cover 2 has this same "issue"????
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Why do you feel the need to scroll via the trackpad when you can use the touchscreen? Anyways, I use the type cover 1 and don't have any problems with scrolling, works just as it should... rarely use it though, it feels much better to scroll on the touchscreeen.