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Decisions decisions, Book 2 or ???

Wayne Orwig

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So, I have a Book 1, from 2015. It does what I want, but I am itching for a change. No good reason....
I am thinking of getting a Book 2 15 inch.
  1. The larger screen will help my old eyes a little.
  2. And I want to move up from 256 to 512 of storage. (though the micro SDHC card is generally adequate)
  3. I want a bit better battery life.
  4. I like the stylus a lot, but using the clipboard/tablet mode of the book is sort of meaningless to me.
So, would I be better off looking at at a Surface laptop, instead of the Book 2?
I think the laptop has a bit more battery. And as awesome as the Book tablet connector is, it is just another point of failure if it isn't needed.

If you are familiar with the Surface Laptop and the Book, what are your thoughts?


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I have owned Surface, Surface 2, Surface 2 Pro, Surface 3 Pro, and two Surface Book computers (one 13 inch, and the other 15). The 15 inch is a big difference from the 13 inch, with 20% more screen space for those eyes.

Unlike all other models of Surface, the keyboard ("base") of the Surface Book 2 contains the batteries. The screen ("clipboard") has a much smaller battery for occasional tablet-only computing. Other Surface models had more tablet use in mind. Overall, the Surface Book 2 will provide longer battery life. Also, the Surface Book 2 has lots of "wrist" and "palm" space on the keyboard, better for lap use, in addition to desk use.
Pretty happy with my upgrade from a Surface Pro 6. It has improved graphics performance and excellent battery life. I also prefer a larger screen, even though my eyes are good.