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Book 3 cpu thoughts

Wayne Orwig

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Sorry to be the one to start a sort of worthless discussion. Generally I hate this type of thing, but here goes.

I have a Book 1. I got it new, so it has been a few years. I have been thinking lately about upgrading to a Book 2, to go from 256G to 512G of storage, and from a 13 to 15 inch display. My Book 1 works well, and will continue to do what I need for a few more years, but I am sort of itching for something new. The larger screen and additional storage would be nice. But, I am wondering, processor wise, what might (or might not) show up in the next version. I would like a CPU with lower wattage, and higher performance, of course. Since I don't have a clue what processors might be on the horizon, I am wondering what might end up in a Book 3 and might or might not be worth waiting for. Hardware port wise, I would REALLY like to see a Micro SDHC slot in the tablet, but I have my doubts on that.

Of course everything at this point is a wild guess, but knowing what CPU might get put in there may make a difference between waiting for a Book 3, or just get the Book 2. Is anyone up on the CPUs that may or may not be used in new designs?


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My guess would be we will Gen 9 or 10 Intel Core, and either RTX 16 or 20 series dGPU's