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Dell Active Pen for Microsoft Surface?


Does anyone know if the Dell Active Pen will work with any of Microsoft's Surface devices? Here's the link to the pen: Dell Active Pen - PN556W | Dell

I ask this because the Dell Active Pen is cheaper than the Microsoft Surface pen. Also, the N-trig technology is proprietary to Microsoft so is Dell using their own Pen/Touch technology or are they using N-trig? The XPS 13 2-1 was show cased at CES 2017 and seems to be a Microsoft Surface competitor.


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Google didn't give me any resukts for that model number and ntrig. Best bet is to contact Dell, but if it isn't ntrig, it shouldn't work.

You might want to look into the HTC ntrig pen, can often be had for peanuts in the USA. If not, the old pen designed for the SP3 can be found at a great price here and there.


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The Dell pen is for Wacom AES Digitizers..... from the description at dell's site:

Designed with technology from Wacom


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The Dell Pen write up says: Designed with technology from Wacom.

So this would not work with an SP3 or SP4 that uses N-Trig tech but would probably work on an SP1 or 2 that also use Wacom technology.