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Dell U2715-H Monitor and Microsoft Surface Dock


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Hello - I recently purchased a Surface Dock for my Microsoft SurfaceBook. I am able to connect the monitor using the Mini DisplayPort cables and for the most part have a good connection.

However I occasionally get screen flicker, especially with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Eventually it gets to the point that I have to disconnect anything to get any work done.

I reached out to Microsoft support and eventually found out that this monitor is listed as not-compatible with the SurfaceDock:


Just to be safe I also:

  • Updated the SurfaceDock firmware to the latest version
  • Connected directly to the monitor without the SurfaceDock, no problems there as before the dock
  • Tried two recommended cable from Cable Matters (Mini DisplayPort to Mini DIsplayPort and Regular DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort)
  • Disabled DP 1.2 from the monitor menu
Other solutions:

The tech did say that I may be able to update the firmware on the monitor, but I'm not sure if that's possible, I can't seem to find anything online to support that. Is that something I can try?

Are there any other solutions that I'm not aware of that someone can point me in the right direction?

Are there any other solutions being worked on? I read in another post that there is some kind of dongle or other cable being developed that could help?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.