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Dell U3014 monitor not working on SP4


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I just bought a SP4 along with a MS Surface docking station. I have 2 Dell U3014 monitors. Both are relatively "new" monitors. They aren't old monitors and have worked perfectly with everything I've connected it to over the past year or two.

On the back of the monitor I'm plugged into the DP and on the Surface I'm plugged into the mini DP. It completely fails to detect either monitor. I have a 27" Lenovo monitor as well so I plugged that in through the same monitor and it works without a problem.

I've swapped cables. I've plugged into the dock. I've plugged it in directly. I've tried everything and I've read through everything I can find from the MS Surface site, Dell forums, etc.

This leads me to believe that my two 30" monitors aren't compatible with my SP4. It's incredibly frustrating to spend $2500 on a top of the line SP4(i7, 1 TB drive, 16GB RAM) and it not work with monitors. I'm not going out and paying another $2000 on big monitors. At this point I'll likely return the SP4 and buy a desktop machine instead. Any ideas before I return the SP4? Thanks!


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Really crazy issue but I managed to get it working. DP to mini DP didn't work. The ONLY way I could get it to work with these monitors was to plug into the back of my monitor with a HDMI cable, plug the other end of the HDMI cable into a 4-in-1 converter, and then plug the converter's Mini DP cable into the dock. I literally tried every single port on the back of the monitor and every combination of cables and converters. That was the ONLY way it worked...but the good news is that it finally does work.