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departing the surface world


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As much as I liked the idea of the surface, i'm returning it! I've exchanged twice and still giving me a hard time.
I'll actually invest in a lenovo thinkpad...again.


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I don't understand the frustration with the Surface.

(1) Wrong use case. This is like... 95% of the time for people unhappy with the Surface.

(2) Faulty units. The unlucky 5%. Estimated. :p Could be the OP, since he mentions exchanges. (Although there are the unreasonably anal ones for minor defects like screen-bleed-you-can't-see-except-under-extreme-conditions, so those people don't count.)

(3) But the numbers don't lie, either. 4-plus out of 5 stars for all user review aggregates, both generations. Whatever loud complaining goes on in certain quarters, even here, the majority of buyers are happy with it.


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That's a very informative and interesting post ultra99, thank you...