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the pro and university


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I'll be starting Grad School this Sept and VERY interested in the Surface Pro! Main use is note-taking (hand + type), OneNote. I've read/watched many reviews on the surface and I'm very convinced. But the question here is, there are a lot of speculations of the new surface pro around the corner with Haswell, when is that? Should I wait or go ahead with the purchase?

I'm confused and frustrated now that I read Haswell is close, but the current state of the pro having 5 hrs of battery is fine by me, as I might have access to outlets in cafes or library.
I already have my thinkpad T420 as my main laptop.

Thanks a lot and regards.
The source are all the rumors on the internet, and I tend to believe MJF who has been saying there will be a Surface Mini within the year. It will be ARM.
If you're starting Grad School soon (I assume the upcoming semester), go ahead and make the purchase. By the time the updated Surface is released, you will have will have wasted time without one.
Only Microsoft really knows if and when a Haswell version is coming. Everything else you hear are just rumours. Considering that this thing was a month late in the US and 6 months late everywhere else even when Microsoft announced it, I would say there are no guarantees.

I laboured over this myself a month ago and in the end I didn't feel like sitting through another 6-12 months of uncertainty, rumours and delays so I just bought one.

It's a great device, and if it suits your needs, you have the cash and you have a use for it now, buy it now.
It's a frustrating situation to be in, which obviously isn't unique to the Surface! If you're happy with the 5 hour battery life, and are happy with everything else... you may as well purchase. There will always be another version coming, plus you could always just upgrade when the time comes :)
There are also generous battery savings to be achieved with custom power profiles without compromising the performance of the apps/usage you've described. I'd have loved the Surface Pro through my Uni years. Enjoy, and good luck with your studies.