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Desktop x86 Productivity Apps That Work With Surface Book Pen?


For users that are not graphic artists, other than OneNote, what other desktop apps (not Store apps) are useful with the Surface Book pen?
I guess you can also use the pen as a pointer to click on things, but I wonder what else.
Does the pen handwriting recognition and drawing work in other desktop apps such as Word or Visio?


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Most of the Office Suite supports inking to some extent, unfortunately Office (outside of OneNote) uses its own inking API which as inferior palm rejection.

Useful applications that support ink include Mind Manager Pro, Bluebeam Revu PDF, PDF Annotator. Some older applications such as InkSeine InkSeine from Microsoft Research and even Windows Journal.


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The latest Adobe Reader DC now has decent ink and touch support. If you annotate PDFs it is becoming quite useful, but if you don't mind Store apps, Drawboard is also very decent.