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Desperately need the opinions of Surface Pro 2 owners


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I find it's nice that you can use your SP2 as a tablet format, but there are times when you need both a PC and a tablet, regardless of which OS the table has.


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For being the only computer, sure it can as it has enough power to play games like Borderlands 2 (30fps low settings) and be nimble on the couch, in your lap, on a table (flat or on a stand).

I can and have exhausted the 4GB of RAM in my original Surface Pro, so I would recommend the 8GB RAM versions if possible as it would allow much leg room for software to work with.

As of typing this post, the Surface Pro 2 is flat on the table, type cover 2 also just as flat. I seldomly have it propped, because I am drawing or note taking on the thing like a spiral bound notebook. The screen is very good enough to do so and give a lot of viewing angles on how you orient the device (never mind if you use the two kickstand options and spacing the device from you for the "laptop" type usage).

For some demanding applications (plugged or unplugged), I turn the power settings to "high performance" or "balanced" if I can. Definitely noticeable doing so since some throttling does not anticipate certain demands of myself (such as orbiting in AutoCAD). This can be had by holding down a bit and letting go for a right click on the Start icon / Windows icon on the taskbar to bring up the "Power menu" options - mobility center brings up the ways to toggle power settings.

Another "pro" tip? Get the Fujitsu Lifebook pen. For me, the reason is that the eraser end is more rounded, the pen tip is slightly thinner and longer than the default Surface Pen, and there are two side buttons instead of one (allowing me to assign a middle mouse click and an undo hotkey combination). The only drawback, is that this pen does not have a pocket clip.
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I would definitely recommend the SP2. I have had my SP2 for almost 4 weeks now and so far it has worked as advertised. My company was requiring a computer update because of the XP situation, and so I had to get a new work computer. So, the main focus of this is for work. They required a minimum of 8 RAM and 256 HD, so that is the version I went with. I have the computer set up with a virtual computer for my company. I bought the docking station, the type cover, and the Bluetooth adapter for the type cover. During the work week my SP2 sits in the docking station (90% of the time) and it serves exclusively as my work computer and has handled everything my company has thrown at me. On the weekend, it serves as my tablet and is all over the house. Whether listening to music via Sonos, reading, watching my Tigers play baseball on ESPN3, surfing the web....whatever....it's like having a full computer in a very small device....very cool. I was hoping it would be an all-in-one device and so far....it hasn't let me down. If you want a computer that can be several devices....desktop, laptop, and tablet....I'd say go for it.


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Surface Pro 2 was designed for power users like you on the go. If you need real top-end power, however, then a desktop is your only recourse. If you want/need an ultrabook or ultraportable Windows solution that is pretty powerful, the SP2 is as good if not better than almost any other options.


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I program on my Surface Pro personal project and work, use it for university as well.
The Surface Pro 2 is a very fast system. I think we can all agree that as of right now, this is the fastest computer you can buy in such compact design but a long shot.
And is part of top fastest system in larger size system (still in the ultrabook category), especially when you consider battery life. And if you include features well it's the best (although subjective, as it depends on which feature out put more importance. For me it's the pen)

As for battery life, as this is a mobile system, performance can be the only factor, as what's the point of of super fast system, but you have a 30min of battery life. You need long battery life, while the Surface Pro 2 has a low voltage CPU, meaning that battery life greatly fluctuate based on what you are doing (~3h (pushed to the max performance) to 12h (pushed to save power)). I get around 6h to ~8h based on my usage. ~6h if I program, and have the screen bright at 70-80%. 8h when using it in school for note taking with 0 to ~30% brightness depending if the class room lights are on or off (projector used or not). Note: Battery life is based on my person observation, no scientific testing.

I think the Surface Pro 2 is a great system. Perfect? No. But if I had 3000$ in my pocket, I would still buy another Surface Pro 2, without hesitation, and I think many would agree on that.
If you need a lot of power and staying home a lot, then, as mentioned, a desktop is what you need. They are many desktops that can fit your need, especially if you go custom build, where you can get in all sorts of sizes and looks, and get top of the line ultra quiet fans where you won't hear your system even in a very quiet room, and actually doing things with the system.
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Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments. You've actually persuaded me to buy one, so here I am, typing on my new Surface Pro 2. It is pretty awesome so far, though I haven't done any intensive tasks yet, but love the Metro system, and for any 'missing' apps, you still have the desktop to download ANYTHING you want.


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I was lucky enough to be able to purchase my SP2 (8/256) on launch back in Oct. Been using it ever since both at work and at home. I also have both Type/Touch Cover 2, the docking station and several other accessories. I have been pleasantly surprised at the speed of the SP2. It truly is a one-of-a-kind device. A hybrid, that performs well as both a laptop replacement and a tablet. The hardware build quality is outstanding. I use a dual monitor setup via DP1.2 to get real work done with ease. As a SP owner, the increased battery life has also been a pleasant surprise. I routinely get around 6-8hrs with full screen brightness, and wi-fi and Bluetooth enabled.

Truly a remarkable device.


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Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments. You've actually persuaded me to buy one, so here I am, typing on my new Surface Pro 2. It is pretty awesome so far, though I haven't done any intensive tasks yet, but love the Metro system, and for any 'missing' apps, you still have the desktop to download ANYTHING you want.

AWESOME! Congrats. I think what really helps the Surface Pro 2 be so fast is the following:
-> Junk free
-> Super lean.. like not even control panels for drivers... keeping everything speedy.
-> Part of the top fastest SSD mSATA 3 you can get at the consumer level. No cheeping out here, like putting the slowest SSD that they could get, just to say "it has an SSD!", like some other manufactures.
-> Fast LPDDR3. Already LPDDR3 (Low Powered DD3) cost a lot more than regular DDR3, as it from my understanding that they hand pick the best chips, so that they can operate under low powered environment reliability, but it's also fast chips they used: 1600MHz, the max speed the CPU supports.

Yea, Windows 8, if you give it a chance, and learn how to use it, it's amazing. I can't go back to Windows 7. Touch screen or no touch screen. I have being using Windows 8 on my 5 year old laptop before I got my Surface Pro 2, and on my gaming PC. I think people freak out because it looks too different, as the Start Menu, a stable of Windows, is presented differently. Not to mention that review sites, played the "FIRST!" game with Windows 8, where as soon as they got their hands on it, within hours, they release a review on it. How can you learn all this within a few hours, AND write an review at the same time. You can't. So they essentially bashed Windows 8 for nothing.

It gets to show you that sometimes you need to make an opinion of things yourself.

Granted, Microsoft did a few miss steps, they should have added a tutorial, video's and a full help on how to use the Start Screen, like they did with Windows 7, especially that something like this changed. I mean, NOW they have all this.. but it should have been there since day 1. This would have helped a lot, I think. Anyway,

Glad you like it. If you need any help or assistance, be sure to ask us.


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It is pretty awesome so far, though I haven't done any intensive tasks yet, but love the Metro system, and for any 'missing' apps, you still have the desktop to download ANYTHING you want.

Congratulations, you're now more intelligent than most other people out there! You understand that the desktop's still there for anything you can't find on the Store :) stick around, we need people like you lol.